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What We Do

Supply Quality Products with Quality Installation

NRI Security Company Chorley offer installation packages for all RING Products such as :- Ring Floodlights, Doorbells, Cameras and  Alarm Systems. 

We are a Ring approved professional installer so book with confidence. If you purchase the goods yourself, its not a problem, NRI will gladly come install & Set up your Security System Installer devices.

With the vast amount of different brands of CCTV Security cameras out there, I am lost myself who has been involved for over 20 years in Security System Installer, here at Nri we stick to the leading industy brands Dahua and Hikvision. 

The cameras and the technology can offer the best deterrents making your home/workplace secure. 

NRI provide and install the latest digital equipment using the best quality products. We can install digital aerials wherever the best location is, i.e chimney mounted, side of house, or discreet in the loft. Commecially or Domestically single point to multi point distribution systems we have got you covered. Also for any Europeans living in the UK,  we can install a satellite dish to help bring some of home to you..

TV wall mounting of all sizes is provided, Curved TV, Oled TV, from 19″ to 85″ we will supply all types of bracket from Tilt, Flat or Cantilever. We can channel the cables into the wall and add sockets for you also. 

If you have purchased your own bracket then thats not a problem we will gladly install your TV with your bracket also.  


Everything under your control at the palm of your hand, controlled via the app on your phone. No more running into the house to get to the keypad before the alarm goes off, simply arm/disarm on your app, if you don’t have a mobile, then use a supplied fob and disarm just as you unlock your door, panic button options which can notify anyone you set up for if you are in trouble with a exact google map location.

IP is the way forward with everything now almost controlled via the internet. We have installed plenty of Access Control systems but this has got to be up there with the best. Ideal for Nurseries, Apartment Buildings, Office blocks, can be retro fitted to an existing mag locking system. 

Free Site Survey, no obligation quotation service is offered


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